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Region Strength Is...

October 11, 2017

Region Strength is a gym that takes pride in educating and bringing body awareness to the forefront of our training.  


What you can expect when you walk through our doors is to be greeted by a coach who's main priority is to make you better than when you walked in.  


Do you have pain when you squat? Let's see why and fix it.


Is touching your toes a thing of the past? Saddle up because it's happening.


Even though the word "strength" is in our name, we don't expect you to set world records or become a meathead when you sign-up with us.  Strength is a multi-faceted word.  Be it from helping your loved ones move into a new house and handling that awkward piece of furniture without fear, getting up and down off the ground without pain, or reaching that shelf that was always just out of reach.


Strength is at the very core of what we do.  It is what makes you better through function, awareness, and confidence.  


"No one ever regretted getting stronger." -Mark Bell







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